What happens when a kitten meets an alpaca? Not what you’d expect.







Power Wood here we come

We are very busy getting ready for our first ever excursion to PowerWood.

We leave next week.

We have some clicker training activities planned as well as making tagulators.

Susie was practising target training today. She loves her pony nuts! She knew she needed to move towards the green bucket I had placed out as a target but she still liked to try just to snuffle them out of the frisbee or even the training bag where I keep the extras.

I’m thinking of taking three chickens for clicker training too….

Grrr too much escaping…

It appears to be escaping season again.

I should have spotted the ajar gate (the rope slips and a gap opens) myself but I was in full groggy morning not even drank my cider vinegar let alone coffee moment at a lot before 7am. So Marmite slips out one way (to the girls side) and Dolores and Foxglove slip in with the boys.

Annoyed I feed all the other girls first before opening a gap in the hurdles for Dolores. Who comes back quick as a flash now food is on that side. I leave MArmite and we move him back as we leave for town at 9am. Annoying but like water off a ducks back to us.


Always be aware of these little too easy annoying moments.

Before you know it you are walking through the field of an evening when the erie realisation hits you it is….


I ran to the check the gate. Oh yes a gap has slipped open because we have got a little lazy with our gate closing. The gates post has slid to an angle so to open and close the gate we have to lift it quite a lot.

Luckily this post does have a happy ending. I couldn’t see the girls but I had to run back home for help because the cows were right there and they love coming into our field at any open chance. It’s used to be theirs to enjoy and now it is forbidden. We know how that goes.

I went to get the magic white herding sticks and then on second thoughts the bucket with food. The help went on a bike looking for the girls. I came out with the bucket and wands to see Dolores and Millie and Ida and Susie coming up the track.

“Was Dolores in front?” I ask, by any chance.

“Yes!” Came the reply.

Huh. She is a tricksy one that girl.

New arrival

Milly is a Mama


Came home today to a semi unexpected arrival. Millie has given birth to a cria. Jonas has called him Milky but hoping we can find him something a little more sophisicated.

He was only semi unexpected as yesterday Susie had a cria too. Only he didn’t survive. We don’t know what happened but he was already dead when we found him. Poor Susie. We left his body out as I had heard that is better for the mother to grieve and we buried him tonight in the orchard. We are still very sad although it is amazing and beautiful that Millie has given birth  to her first tonight.

They only reason we were so close to the cria tonight was to move both Mum and babe into the smaller field and into the shelter. I am very aware of the behavioural damage we could inflict on the newborn if we were to have contact. Herd and Mama bonding in the early weeks and months is essential for normal behaviour. The other alpacas were so gorgeous with him. The other girls all went to the same little paddock. Ida and Dolores suddenly look very fat!

We are so proud of you both Millie and Susie.