A new book to change my life?

A book came in the post today. I’m hoping it will positively change my life. It’s called ‘Safety Skills for Asperger Women’ and it’s by Liane Holliday Willey. That’s quite a big title to admit to buying. Especially as I don’t feel comfortable classifying myself as an Asperger Woman. It is a very personal process admitting flaws and blind spots. I hope I will become more capable and determined to succeed. I want to understand myself better. Especially to keep myself on track and not fall down any, which I shall change to many more, dark holes. And most relevant to the title of this book I want to live safely. I don’t mean I go around being dangerous (not so much any more) but I have done and do some pretty silly things because I don’t have a ‘STOP, WAIT’ function. It’s a process this life and mostly I am learning to enjoy it.


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