2 weeks til Marty’s Clinic am I ready??

It’s only two weeks til Marty’s clinic!


The course is going to be great!

I’ll be videoed to see how I am at handling on the first day! Eek. That is scary.

Marty will be teaching us how to teach leading. Very useful for showing people new to alpacas once the trekking starts (there will be trekking, there will!).

We will cover Ttouch (yeah love this) and body positioning (essential with alpacas), herding, foot and leg work (ha watch out Millie) and I am very much looking forward to learning ‘the magic and power of balance’. Since coming back from Julie’s course at Carthvean I have been much more aware of keeping my own balance but it is such a learning curve.

I have however had a major breakthrough recently in that I have switched to handling the girls because of Millies injury and our current (bad!) set up. I have managed to take Ida out into the main field and walked her down and up. She isn’t sure yet but slowly she is learning my signals and she appears to enjoy some of it, at least sometimes. I will ask someone to take photos this week or maybe even a video. I’d better get used to being filmed.

I am feeling almost ready. But I need more practise before I go!!


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