So guess who slept all day? And who worked hard tidying up the mayhem?


We had a busy day today all because I didn’t listen to my good friend and neighbours warning yesterday when he told me that although the electric fence was on one pig had her bottom happily pressed against it.

Huh. Turned out to be a big mistake!

The day went like this;

Medium child early this morning ‘Mama, the pigs are out!!!’

Me – rolls over thinking ‘oh well they are probably just eating the grass in the field.’

I get up look out of the window ‘ARGHHHHH!’ Field is trashed it looks like it has been ploughed up over night.

I look out another window ‘ARGHHHH’ back lawn is also trashed.

I look out the bathroom window I am obviously delirious because I think I see a beehive turned upside down (turns out this was wrong).

I rush out and start to doing morning jobs with three pigs going crazy around me. I totally refuse to take them back first as we, oh no  I mean they, discovered early on that if they escaped they got fed. So all other animals are panicking as I walk around with the pigs in tow or actually ahead of me right, infront of me and virtually on top of me. They have no sense of personal space I noticed ruefully. I am less cross with them as they didn’t actually trash the beehives, I was just bleary eyed, but still annoyed enough to not yet feed them. Plus I had my warning from Frank. I just hadn’t heeded it. So round we go.

I discover more mayhem when it comes to where the alpacas are as Millie and Susie have trashed a fence and are in the boys field AGAIN! Although the real damage is only discovered later.

Then the saddest bit of my morning when I opened Rex’s cage baby flopsy/mopsy or cottontail had died in the night. I can’t blame that on me not listening to Franks warning but it really was sad. All the other babies had escaped and this one had now died. Poor Rexy.

To return the girls back to the big field I used their feed to tempt them back. Way too hard with three noisy piggies though, so they were finally sent back to their muddy muddy patch and fed. It was a little annoying to get the girls out as the boys wanted to come out too and eat but we managed it in the end. Then I had to fend off the chickens who all come along and steal their food. The alpacas just let them!

Later we noticed the damage though. Poor Milly had torned part of her leg on the wire and we had to fashion ourselves a hospital bay out of hurdles and treat her.I even put a halter helper on her, did some racheting and used Ttouch. It wasn’t easy though. I’ll take photos tomorrow to show you but the space was too big.

It’s been a long day. Oh, and to finish the story after the three little piggies had their breakfast they went to bed. And slept all day. They got up just when we had finished treating Milly (about six thirty!) and ate some more leftovers. It’s alright for some 🙂


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