Midway through, ending with a preposition and bombed out with

We’ve been up at Eden again today for the School of Social Entrepreneurs (SSE) course. Now midway through the course! It was a really great session on raising finances. Yey.

But I have been feeling sick ever since mid afternoon. And we have to go again tomorrow. AND we have homework. Which I should be doing but always more fun to do something else isn’t it?

Tomorrow we are going over our mission and social aims/impacts.

My Mission is;

ChyPacas takes you through Penwith in a unique way. Walking the beautiful peninsula with alpacas you will discover new places inside of yourself by sharing your walk with Susie, Ida, Dolores, Leander, Aragorn, Marmite, Roger or William. Your trek leader will be specially trained in helping yo to get the most from the day. She will be a sibling of someone on the autism spectrum or on the spectrum herself. All people are capable of transforming themselves positively and ChyPacas offers a hand to those brave enough to seek change within themselves..

For my social aim comment I have written;

to promote learning from animals showing how we are related emotionally and spiritually to them for the benefit of ourselves and the animals we chose to work with.

But I’ve ended on a preposition. Does it even make sense? Or have I totally bombed out with this sickness thing?

All thoughts and comments appreciated.



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