Broken fences AGAIN

I thought there were too many alpacas in the boys field when I went out yesterday in the early morning gloom but didn’t really take it in or think to count. Or even notice the extra slim pretty brown one. It was gloomy. And I was busy with the usual routine of opening doors and feeding.

As the sky brighten I glanced over at the boys and suddenly all was clear. There was an extra alpaca. Milly. And Dolores too. I suspected they’d been spooked again and jumped the fence. And on closer inspection I found the fence and post had come away from the concrete wall and there was now a gaping hole in it.

I got their feed ready. I didn’t have the energy to be in panic mode. It was Sunday morning!

When I took them over the food found I wasn’t the only one to have seen the damage as the sun illuminated the world. Now all the girls were in the field. I could have sworn but because I was holding their food I formulated a new plan (another not panic plan). I stood at the open hole and tried to used the food to guide the girls only back into the other field. Only I hadn’t counted on William. Yes grumpy Wiliam loves his food and will always be first in line. So there he was in front of everyone else. Even Ida. Plus no one wanted to go back through the gap with me standing in it too.

Not panicking plan number 2 meant taking a risk. I took the food and put it down in the open field (where the girls were supposed to be). The girls and all the castrated boys came in for the food. I closed the gap by using a new fence post to weigh down the fence against the wall. Leander and Aragorn are too laid back to break in themselves. They got fed in their field and just mooned at the girls over the fence as usual.

Who knows what or whom spooked Milly and Dolores. Maybe a badger?

Only a tiny amount of adrenalin used up I went in to make coffee 🙂


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