Are pigs related to dogs? And Watch Out for the geese! A Merry Mid Winter Holiday catch up!

So many missed opportunities for posts this last month here is the quick catch up version;

Dolores ‘What are those dogs doing in our field?’

Millie ‘Don’t like don’t like!’ Jumps fence into boys paddock.

Susie ‘Eek don’t panic!’ Jumps fence into boys paddock.

Dolores ‘high pitch scream’

Ida just looks worried.

Me ‘they aren’t dogs, girls, they are pigs.’ And so I round them up (twice this happens), out of boys field and into the holding pen before separating them back into their own paddocks. Leander was miffed. He thought Christmas and¬†Hanukkah had come early and at once.

The girls had to go back into their paddock far enough away from the pigs to not be worried about them. They still aren’t convinced but they are getting used to having them around and able to come out into the field as long I leave the gate open so they can return to their own paddock when they are feeling nervous. At least the screaming has stopped.

The other event has been with the geese. The lived in the boys paddock quite happily for a few months. OK so they were quite annoyed with me but they were doing alright until the other day when Roger started to chase them. They had to be rescued quickly. They are back out with the chickens now and seem a little happier. It is a shame though because they had much more grass to eat in the paddock and we didn’t have to navigate around their droppings!

As well as new pigs we also bought another 15 Rhode Island Red hybrids from a local organic farm selling off their 18 month old hens. I’m really pleased as one of them seems to lay double yolks. And I’ve been baking away solidly since we have started our Specific Carbohydrate Diet so she is a very welcome addition.

And finally I am looking at what else I can ‘do’ with the alpacas to at least cover costs so have started washing their fleece. Finally. Will write a separate post all about it soon. Also thinking of how I can make my (small) fortune using thier greatest output. Yes that would be their poo. Wormery feed anyone?

I hope you are all enjoying the winter holidays.