A small scare!

The girls (and Marmite, he snuck in the other day but as he is a wether it is fine) have been in the open field that we drive through for the past three weeks since the TB test. This morning they all piled in to our garden area when we opened the gate to bring the geese through into the small paddock.

I had come home put them back in the open field alone using only my bare hands… ok so I used a long rope tied up accross the access to the back garden and a childs spade in one hand and a long hazel pole in the other. But the point is it worked. Then when I left to go back for the boys (school run) they snuck in when I had the gate open to drive through. I would have been late if I’d gone through the whole process again and with the chickens safe in their run I left them there.

We came back to only Ida and Susie in the field. It was very scary for 5 minutes when I went around the garden and couldn’t find Marmite, Dolores or Millie. I had images of them jumping over the hedge into the farmers fields and disapearing off into the sunset. To be found in St Buryan eating the flowers in the churchn cemetry. Luckily that was just imaginary. I ran into the field too to check they weren’t in the potato patch, but they weren’t. I was just having a mild panic attack when I spotted Dolores in the forbidden zone. This is the old dump area so it is sealed off with a fence on the alpaca field side and an old rusty gate on the garden side. The alpacas had snuck through the gate opening and were happily getting their share of long fibre. What a relief!


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