Waking up to Alpacas

We were up late this morning. It was the monday morning following a birthday beach barbeque for our eldest. It was hard to get the boys up, especially the eldest. I was making breakfast when I heard, ‘Ida’s out!’ from him as he came down stairs. I looked out towards our back garden and William and Millie ran past the window. I went into mild panic mode and rushed out but when I realised it was just the girls and William (he is a wether) and that they were quite happily trimming our lawn for us I left them there and came back in to get the boys ready.

The evening before  G had been telling me how he’d left the hurdle open when he put the geese to bed and how the girls hadn’t noticed. Seems like he had done it again. Only this time they had. I heard him call down the stairs; ‘Sorry!’ then ‘But how did William get in?’ The boys were in the open field since yesterday and William can jump down from the wall which is level ground on his side. Not difficult but they don’t bother if there isn’t a reason to jump.

William does get quite jumpy around the chickens and Millie gets overexcited when she is around any of the wethers so I had to wait to let them out, poor things.  The boys all left for school, this was my first morning not doing the school run in 7 years, and I started the process by letting the geese into the field through the open hurdle. William hadn’t been in this field for a long time and he happily went in and I happily shut the hurdle on him. I got their feed ready and took it round to the boys. William watched me from over the hurdle. Then he appeared by the gate as I put the buckets down. I opened the gate. William was back in the open field with the boys. Part one completed.

Without William around our garden I thought I would try out alpacas and chickens mixing. Being that they are supposed to be good guards for chickens against foxes. I let the chickens out. Millie did look at them but without an instigator she went back to eating fresh grass and clover.

As I write this the girls have been happily out the front of our house. I went out to take a photo and discovered Millie had got into the field with the boys. She really misses William, Rodger and Marmite. She relates more to them and always panics when we let them into the open field as she is stuck in the other paddock with the girls. Being the only female youngster must be hard.

Here is Ida. Susie and Dolores wondering where Millie got to.

And now I am off to move Millie from the boys field back to the paddock.


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