Millie is gorgeous in her fleece.

After we can see her pretty face.

I have been worried about Millie for a while because she is so nervous. She also had a bad infestation of mites on her ears when she came. Her ears are hairless in many places. The mites have cleared up with a coulpe of applications of cedarwood oil mix. Since she has been shorn I can see she also has a long area on her back that may have been mite infested so I have now been retreating her. I have also found a small area on Dolores’s back. Both Mille and Dolores have shown some negative charactistics. Dolores spits often and Millie is extremely nervous and excitable. I am wondering how much this could be related to the mites. If I am sick I can be grumpy and cross. It makes sense to me that an animal would also have ‘bad’ behaviour if they feel low due to health issues. Have you noticed negative traits in your alpacas that could be health related? I would love to hear your stories.

I love that we can see Millies’s pretty face and eyes now she has had a good fleececut.


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