Haltering and handling

William smelling the cedarwood mixture.

Oren feeds Roger.

Leander on a slack rope.

Oren is so natural with them all. He said he knew what to do because he’d read all my British Alpaca Society magazines. He took Leander first.

And our new friends, Gladys, Gloria and Gustavo 🙂



This was back in May when one sunny day we let them roam around the front of our house. They loved eating the hawthorns although they also ate quite a few plants that were precious so they don’t come out so often.
When we were treating Dolores ears with Cedarwood Jaguar enjoyed many hugs.


While Dolores has her ears treated with the Cedarwood, Ida can’t help but come over to check out how we are doing. She is saying, ‘You missed a bit.’