Leander was spat on…

We have had some exciting moments over the last couple of weeks but I have been so tired each night I have fallen in to bed instead of writing up my posts 🙂 So here goes…

The first moment came when my lovely niece came over for lunch this week and we went out to feed the alpacas, well mainly Ida, some dandelions and clover heads. She is crazy for them. She eats like all the other alpacas are crowding round trying to steal her food only they aren’t. She crams everything I have in my hand in one go and if someone else has a handful she will rush to grab that as well. None of the others try to get any although sometimes they have a smell or a little nibble. I wandered over to Dolores as she was kushed down quietly by the fence and because she didn’t move I knelt down and it happened again (see Dolores comes over all loving). Jamila,Jonas and I had lots of lovely strokes with her. Although my niece asked if she was really enjoying it or if she was just going along with it as that was an easier alternative? I am thinking she is right. The way she puts her neck down is very passive. I took my opportunity and redid her ears though. And waved some vaguely in Ida’s direction. Millie who needs the treatment the mosyt has so far alluded me so I need to find a better setup for the hurdles. As they are it is too hard to close them so can’t get up close and do any Camelidynamics/treatments 🙂

The Camelidynamic Companion book by Marty Mcgee Bennett arrived from Carthvean. Looks like a fantastic source of information full of pictures and diagrams. Most of all I LOVE her ethos or working with the alpacas and behaving in a way that they expect and can understand.

So to get to the title of this post… I was collecting their poo and realising how relaxing I find doing this (a little worrying I know) when it started raining and someone started making a very strange noise. I immediaetely stopped to watch the herd to see what was going on. The noise was coming from Leander and he seemed to be squashing Dolores and Susie by sitting on their heads. His noise gave his game away (he has been looking very guilty since). He was covered in green spit. I guess he wasn’t making himself that popular. We had to pull him off Dolores as he was completely crushing her. He managed a mate with Susie that night and then exausted everyone calmed down. Since he has mated with Dolores and Mille but so far not Ida. The whethers all try to get involved. Sniffing the girls. Or trying to get on them too. Or sometimes just standing right on top. The girls all kush down in a row and are completely passive. We went to bed the first night smelling strongly of alpaca.

The strangest thing is Aragorn seems completely uninterested so far. Which is great. We know that Leander will be the sire if we get lucky enough to have cria. The field has now been separated and he will be moved over to the smaller portion. Getting him in it is so far proving tricky because the small boys (ours) were being pesky. Leander still has his ‘sorry it was a crime of passion’ face on. Not that it will stop him.


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