Dolores shows her loving side

I was trying to put the Cedarwood oil mix on the ears of Millie, Ida and Dolores. None of them were hanging around me long enough and I felt bad doing this but was worried about them so I did do the quick swipe over the ears of Millie and Ida. They got pretty annoyed, predictably, so stayed away from my hands. Although Ida kept coming over to smell them.

Then the amazing moment happened. I had tried to create a catch pen but the set up was wrong and I had small boys also jumping in and out of the area so just had an extra hurdle partitioning the space. Dolores had come to eat and as I went fror her ear she put her neck down slowly. Then for the next half an hour not only did she let me massge Cedarwood into her ears she also let all of us, boys included, stroke her and hug her.

I have great photos and when my cable turns up I will put them up here.

We were hoping that she would stay as the new transformed Dolores but the next day she was back to her suspicious old self. I have been left wondering what could have triggered her different behaviour?


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