Natural skin treatments for alpacas

I am worried about a couple of our alpacas ears. I noticed they have little lumps on the very tips and now I am noticing that Millie’s ears are bare and a tiny little bit pink. I have googled alpaca ears (googled kindly added hair loss) and found that some possible causes could be mites, mange (or munge) or psorsis. I am thinking they have mites and so also searched treating mites without using toxic chemicals.

After much trial and error searching I found the best products and sources of information are in the US.  It seems that the best product is alpaca and llama insect spray which is just Cedar oil in silane fluid (silicic acid/ hydrated silica).

Because I need the product as soon as possible and want to be econimical I will make the mixture myself. I can buy the cedar oil easily in town but need to find a source for the silicic acid in the UK, hopefully a chemist will have some : )

I will post again when I have made the treatment and tested it out but I would love to hear what you have used to treat any alpaca or llama condition. What works best? How do you apply it? Any pros and cons of the treatment? Best source of information, I believe, is always other people’s experiences 🙂


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