Meet the ChyPacas herd, well the ones that pose at least :)

Susie, white alpaca on the left, is the matriach although you wouldn’t at first know it. That is Aragorn on the right. He is one of our stud males and the shyest of them all despite his handsome eyeliner.

Susie usually looks like this but today I discovered she is a right poppet loving being stroked on her neck, ok, so she mainly wanted to eat the camlibra pellets but she was not at all jumpy and will probably be the first to accept a halter. Mainly due to her love of food. We seem to have a lot in common!

This is Roger. He has the fluffiest ball surrounding his head. He is one of the few who eats out of my hand and is very curious although hasn’t let me stroke him so far. I have high hopes of him though. Spot the supermoon in the sky. All of the alpacas seemed taken with it. They all did a bit of moon gazing as I was with them.

This loon is Ida. She is Susie’s daugther but is the bolder of the two so appears to be the matriach but we know better. Tonight I told her off for scoofing the camlibra and she got humpy and went to spit at me. I told her she wasn’t allowed and she pulled a great face a bit like this one. Finally she gave in and decided I was in charge. She likes to get up close and personal like this…alot.

This is the super pretty Millie. She is very shy but getting a little bit more sure of herself. She was definatley posing for the camera. Behind her is (spitting) Dolores. She is not that keen on me but we will soften her up with some camelibra pellets. The bottom is Marmite he is also shy but inquisitive.

This was Aragorns turn to pose. He did his best while I had camera problems. I am sure he will be one of the stars but so shy and sweet right now. Behind him is the beautiful Leander. I had a heavenly stroke with him tonight. He is the other stud male and is definately one to work with kids. He has a wonky tooth too, bless him.


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