Day I was SuperWoman :)

Most days I get some things done but my list ‘today I will do’ hardly gets started let alone finished. Today was amazing. So I still have plenty of jobs to do but this is what I did do, superwoman style;
Usual kids breakfast and get them dressed routine,
Plant ‘innocent smoothie’ seeds that Bear has wanted to plant for weeks with Bear and Bonus,
Hang washing,
Make early lunch so we could,
Walk up the lane with bin to get Horatio there in time to meet his Ma and Pa – which we did,
Took Bear on his bike see above,
Bumbleebee watch with Bear on way back,
Hang more washing,
Bounce on trampoline with boys,
Drill all three logs, because I found out how to really use the drill, and put in mushroom plugs and cover with wax with some help and encouragement from Bonus and Bear,
It was Bears brilliant idea to heat the wax in the oven (instead of mistakenly making outdoor fire in brazier like yesterday),
Make roast lamb for on time super,
Watch some David Bowie songs on Utube with Tino.

Write a blog entry before half past eight 🙂

Hurray! May go to bed now!


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