Many Thanks!

Massive thanks to all who have helped this week get our field ready. Gerson, David, Andre, Jamila, Dee you have all been fantastic couldn’t have done it without any of you 🙂 And BIG BIG thanks to Adam for cutting down the posts and helping me carry them up the hill at Love Lane to him LandRover.. David helped us the second time we went out to carry logs too.


Fencing, fencing, fencing!

I am taking my time planning and building our fencing system, with lots of help building of course. Currently I am stuck trying to find the best wire. The local suppliers like Cornwall Farmers only sell stock fencing up to 80cm. Alpacas need at least 120cm or 4ft. I am relying on the advice of others to plan my fence and here are some of the websites I am using. I am very grateful to their authors for sharing their knowledge with others. These sites are based in the US. this author was very specific about which wire to use which was very helpful.

I still need to decide on mesh fencing wire or stock fencing. The above websites really recommend not using anything that the alpaca can put their heads through so I’ve learnt how to read those numbers on the fencing.

The Manic Build Up and Safe Arrival

Posts were hammered in. A special wooden mallet was created for the job.

To add to the general air of mayhem Western Power were changing some telegraph poles in both fields either side of our place.

Hurray for the wire going up! Finally.

First photo shoot, a little blurry, or bleary in my coldy state.

The last week or so has been very busy in our field. Post holes have been made using the angry wife (really a thin sharp point very heavy metal stick) or dug by hand when bigger holes than the angry wife could cope with were needed. Post were banged in. Deliveries arrived. Friends and family came in to help. The worlds largest pot of staples was bought at the last minute due to non delivery. Wire was hung. Alpacas arrived 🙂 Then the storm blew in.

More Fencing

I have the posts lined up against the barn and have been out marking where they will go with the tape measure and some canes. It is great as I now can really see it all taking shape. Tomorrow we will put at least 60 posts in, leaving room for the gate, which I need to make sure I know the measurements for! Then after I have put the stockproofing wire up it will just be a case of getting sponsorship for the Field Shelter or making one.

The herd will be here soon too… maybe with studs. I am so excited and a tiny bit scared of the commitment.

Fence posts

This week I spent a day in the drizzle coppicing the willow at Love Lane Wildlife Garden with Adam and his chainsaw. The chainsaw made a massive difference to the speed of the job. Very grateful to Adam for helping out. We managed to cut about half the posts we will need (60+) and brought them to Chyangwens on top of Adams Land Rover. We really will need a four by four soon, especially once we get a trailer. Feels great to be on the way there. Just need to put them in the ground now 🙂

Cutting the hedges.

The hedges of the field were very beautiful… with the bright yellow gorse in bloom. Yet it looks so amazing to see the hedge and stone in the walls. Very satisfying work that is still not finished. Must post some photos soon. We also have many piles of gorse around the field and have enjoyed burning the brambles in an old half metal barrel that my mum brought over.

Day I was SuperWoman :)

Most days I get some things done but my list ‘today I will do’ hardly gets started let alone finished. Today was amazing. So I still have plenty of jobs to do but this is what I did do, superwoman style;
Usual kids breakfast and get them dressed routine,
Plant ‘innocent smoothie’ seeds that Bear has wanted to plant for weeks with Bear and Bonus,
Hang washing,
Make early lunch so we could,
Walk up the lane with bin to get Horatio there in time to meet his Ma and Pa – which we did,
Took Bear on his bike see above,
Bumbleebee watch with Bear on way back,
Hang more washing,
Bounce on trampoline with boys,
Drill all three logs, because I found out how to really use the drill, and put in mushroom plugs and cover with wax with some help and encouragement from Bonus and Bear,
It was Bears brilliant idea to heat the wax in the oven (instead of mistakenly making outdoor fire in brazier like yesterday),
Make roast lamb for on time super,
Watch some David Bowie songs on Utube with Tino.

Write a blog entry before half past eight 🙂

Hurray! May go to bed now!