Measuring the field

The fence is top of the list to sort. I need to split the field in two where the track runs down the middle so we have two areas that the alpacas can ove between. I measured how much fencing I will need this evening. It was a beautiful dusk, the crows and pigeons were making sure they were being heard. The whole area to be fenced is 262m done by stride. As we will be making the fence with coppiced willow and hazel, maybe a little alder and chestnut, which don’t have large diameters maybe 6 cm on average, we will put a post every metre. Gates are a whole other issue. Will try to find some second hand.

Also need to source feed including hay, feeders, and all the other bits we will need like storage containers. I’m not worried yet though. Am doing lots of researching online. Wondering which of the three books to buy, OK so really I want all three for comparision, but will have to choose. Any suggestions?

Llamas and Alpacas, a Guide to Management - Gina Bromage


Caring for Llamas and Alpacas - Clare Hoffman and Ingrid Asmus
If you have read any of these I would love to know what you think?

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