Bodmin Alpacas

I have found some Cornish alpacas (ok so only two are borna nd breed) and they will be moving in with us mid April. Julie Taylor-Brown of Carthvean sent me the details of a friend who was retiring and selling her herd so I jumped on it. After a couple of nail biting days hoping she would return my email we arranged a visit. I took Jamila and Jonas up to Bodmin although I could have taken half my family everyone is so keen. Theresa was lovely and made us feel very welcome. The alpacas were immediatley inquisitive and their fleece was super shiny so I knew they were the animals I had been dreaming of for so long. The have all the qualities that I have been looking for to start trekking; friendly curious with a bit of bounce and playfulness.

They are a great mix of colours; The girls are two white, one brown, one black and the boys are one white with a brown saddle, one brown and one black. All the boys are wethers (castrated) and although I fell in love with Aragon (stud male) I have to be sensible with the space we have at Chyangwens.

I have much to organise in the next three weeks before the gorgeous ‘pacas come to live.


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